Friday, January 16, 2015

How I Imagine the Singleton Life

"How would my parenting style be different if I had only had one baby?" I ask myself this on a daily basis. Sometimes more. I know attachment-parenting style parenting is possible with twins, but not something I really got into. However, if I had only one baby at a time, I'm pretty sure even Andy would have to fight me to get his hands on that kid. I would be that mom.

What would be different? I'm glad you asked...

Gone are the days of needing me to feed them.
1. I would breastfeed. I was able to do it with the twins but I know it would have been so.much.easier with a singleton. I would have more time to devote to said singleton baby and less stress. Also, now that I am more experienced as a parent, I would hope that this would be more second-nature to me. Breastfeeding in public (or at least out of the house) would be much easier as well. I'm a professional formula mixer at this point but I miss the days of breastfeeding and that bonding time. Plus, if we're being completely honest, I liked being the only one able to feed my babies. Sorrynotsorry.

 2. I would have not announced my pregnancy so soon. I heard that with twins you start showing at, oh, 5 weeks pregnant? Kind of kidding, but not really. I wanted to tell people before they were able to figure it out for themselves (and I had to tell work due to the nature of my job) but I didn't start to show until 4 1/2 months. I was actually kind of small throughout the whole pregnancy until the final few weeks when I literally (okay, not literally) exploded. Having to tell people early was super stressful on me. People always wanted to talk about my pregnancy and babies and how little sleep I would be getting soon. All I wanted to was focus on growing two tiny humans without any added stress. And eat. I wanted to eat all.the.time.

Professional baby-wearing Daaa
3. I would BABY-WEAR THE HECK OUT OF THAT BABY. Sorry for yelling, but this is the only downfall to having twins. Baby-wearing two babies is possible, but just not convenient, comfortable or easy. The few times I did wear one of the babies (read: Emmett) I loved it. Also, pass the baby? Not necessary. To this day, I still resent the fact that as soon as other people were around, I had no "rights" to holding either of my children and I would miss them while they were still in the same room. You're probably playing the world's smallest violin for me right now, but it is a legitimate feeling. I will not be made to feel bad because I held my kids too much!

4. I would go out more. Run errands. Get out of the house. Do the grocery shopping during the week so that weekends could be spent relaxing as a family. Hang out with friends more. I can handle the idea of one baby having a melt-down in public, but if two were to reach "code: disaster" at the same time... just no. I spend a lot of time at home with the boys and that's lovely. But it would be nice to pack a baby up on a whim and head out to Starbucks... carry in a singular baby, order, and pack up a singular baby back in his car seat. Sounds like a piece of coffee cake!

5. I would be sad that I didn't have twins. Yup. As much work as they are, they are worth every grey hair and dirty diaper.

Love these goofballs!

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