Monday, August 18, 2014

Ridiculous Baby Items - Top 5

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New moms are overwhelmed with literally millions of suggestions of random baby STUFF to choose from. A lot of junk. A lot of unnecessary items. A lot of cool gadgets that are over-priced that you will actually never use. So.much.stuff!

In researching what I wanted to purchase or put on our baby registry for the boys, I came across so many completely silly items. I put together a list of things I definitely did not want! I don't want the clutter in my house. I didn't want anyone to spend money on such a superfluous, useless item. I'm not saying these items don't have their place... they just don't have their place in MY house.

5. Crib Bedding Set: Seems practical, right? Nope. Babies can only safely use 1 piece of the bedding sets... the crib sheet! You can find a crib sheet, in cute patterns and colors even, for about 10 bucks. A bedding set costs about $100 on average although I have seem custom ones on Etsy (repeat offender for over-priced, useless baby items!) for nearly $400! Sweet baby Jesus are they cute, though, so I can see the appeal. However, most bedding sets don't have the breathable, mesh bumper pads. Safety hazard numero uno. Babies can't  use comforters for at least the first year. Hazard numero dos. Crib skirt, meh. Maybe if you have a cutesy little girl nursery. All in all, kind of superfluous.

This Etsy shop has some BEAUTIFUL items... but this seems like a safety hazard!

4. Designer baby clothes: Even handcrafted "designer" clothes. Etsy is especially guilty of this! A specialty onesie for $50... a "coming home" from the hospital outfit for $75! You could literally buy an entire wardrobe in a size for your baby with that kind of money! A cute holiday outfit is one thing, but I still wouldn't pay more than maybe $15. A whole wardrobe of designer clothing, shoes, hair bows, etc... no way!

If you want something like this but don't want to spend $50... you could always just make it?

3. Wipes Warmer: Seriously, save your $25 and buy MORE DIAPERS and/or wipes for the new baby. They need diapers. They don't need their tiny little butts pampered with perfectly warmed moist towelettes. What happens when baby starts to grow up and realizes the that world is a cold, uncaring place that doesn't have warmed toilet paper to clean their tiny little butts with? They will cry. They will cry a lot. And it will be in public. Speaking of public, what do you do when you're on the go??? Carry this thing with you? Nope. Nope nope nope.

It's cute! It's pink! But, really?

2. "Baby Keurig": Again, seriously? If you're going to be formula feeding, save your $200 and buy FORMULA. It's expensive enough. You definitely shouldn't need a Keurig machine to mix and heat bottles for you unless you're a new mom, have severe OCD and are completely incompetent. I did read a message board post about a new mom who WAS mixing formula incorrectly, adding too many scoops of powder and wondering why her baby couldn't get anything through the nipple. Seriously. If it will help you sleep at night and not have to wonder if baby's milk is the right temperature or if you shook the bottle hard enough, go for it. But personally, I have many other uses for $200.

$160 buys us TEN large containers of formula... or you could buy this.

And finally, the number one most ridiculous baby item I have come across... and I still can't get over how ridiculous it is! 

1. Wearable Baby Monitoring equipment: Mother of God, WHY would you want one of these? Even as a new parent, I would never never never want to have one these things. There are many of them on the market these days. Most of them attach to your baby's diaper or foot and then they monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen levels, etc. Some of them even come with apps you can download that TEXT YOU WHEN YOUR BABY WAKES UP or predict when your baby may wake up. You know, in case you decided to go grocery shopping, you can come home. Most of them have reviews of multiple false alarms that baby has stopped breathing, obviously causing extreme panic and anxiety in any parent. Why would you do this to yourself??? 

Is this what the world has come to???

I'd love to hear about any products you have purchased or received that you found completely ridiculous or impractical! 


  1. As a mom of four month old twins, I am a fan of your blog. However, I have to disagree about the "Baby Keurig" (aka Brezza). The Brezza is a life saver! I remember standing in the store when my boys were about a month old debating whether or not I should spend the money on this machine. I had accepted that they would be formula babies at that point, which is not something I had planned on. After much back and forth, I decided to go for it. It was one of the best purchases I have made.
    It isn't that I can't mix formula by hand or premake it each night. I have the ability to do so, but it takes time. The amount of time I save using the Brezza far outweighs its price. I can take an empty bottle from a crying baby, walk to the kitchen, refill it, and return the bottle in under 1 minute. I can make bottles holding the crying baby in one arm. Heck, I've even summoned twin mom powers and made two bottles holding a crying baby in one arm, and wearing a second crying baby in an ergo. These are things that would be impossible if one had to mix it by hand. Plus at the end of the night, I don't have to pull myself out of bed to premix the formula for the next day because I forgot to do it earlier. I LOVE my Brezza! I don't waste money necessarily if I can help it, but sometimes paying for the convenience is worth it. I was skeptical prior to purchasing it, and understand how someone who has never used it could think it a total waste. Since using it many, many, many times a day, I am now a believer and a huge fan.
    That note aside, I agree about the rest of the list.

    1. Congratulations on your twins! Our babies must have been born pretty close together! I'm all about convenience and the easiest way to do things so if the baby keurig works for you, go for it :-) I can't believe how many people have been fighting me on the wipes warmer thing though, that just seems silly!

  2. What does obsessive compulsive disorder have to do with baby gear? That was kind of offensive. Also that you said people with severe obsessive compulsive disorder are completely incompetent. Ouch.

    1. It's simply an expression that I think most people can relate to. No intentional malice toward anyone who actually suffers from diagnosed OCD

  3. the wipes warmer is useful for cloth wipes. since we are doing a extra laundry with cloth diapers anyway, we figured we'd rather not waste money on disposable wipes. having the wipe warmer means the cloth wipes can sit in a wipe solution (no messing with a spray bottle) and they can be dispensed as easily as disposable ones. it's just a bonus that they're warm.

    1. I will admit, I am completely cloth diaper illiterate. It's not a big deal in my area to use disposable diapers and to be quite honest, expecting twins, I never even looked into them. I wish I would have now. Thanks for this view of the other side!

  4. Hey people. Lighten up. I was hoping I would get some additional advice on things I don't need to buy because money is tight.