Sunday, December 28, 2014

Life with Twins at 9 Months

Practicing ALL THE SKILLS - Standing, cruising, climbing...

The boys have grown 9 inches in the last month and a half! Not really. But it sure does seem like it! They look like tiny little adults and even though they aren't quite toddlers yet, they just don't seem like "infants" anymore. Our schedule is becoming significantly more flexible now that the boys are able to stay awake for longer periods of time and can eat a larger variety of foods. We're down to 2 naps a day (sometimes I can only squeak one out of them!) and sleeping through the night on a regular basis. New moms of twins: YOU WILL GET THERE. The first few months seemed rough, but now it's a breeze and (dare I say it?) just as easy as having a singleton.

Our Schedule:
7 a.m. - Wake up
8 a.m. - First bottle
9 a.m. - Breakfast of purees
9:30 a.m. - Nap
11 a.m. - Bottle #2
1:30 p.m. - Lunch of finger foods or purees
2 p.m. - Bottle #3 and Nap #2
5 p.m. - Daaaa gets home from work and bottle #4
6:30 p.m. - Dinner of purees
6:45 p.m. - Bath time
7:15 p.m. - Bedtime bottle and sleep!

Looks simple enough, right? Successfully executing this schedule is about akin to pulling off a bank robbery. So.many.things can go wrong. So many.

Usually, we're pretty close to schedule though and life is good. Only a handful of times have I wanted to run out the door to the closest Starbucks when Andy got home from work.

Nutritious lunch of broccoli, cheese, carrots and Cheerio's
Where we are now:
  • We have 2 bottom teeth, each!
  • We can pull up to standing
  • We cruise along furniture and toys
  • We crawl at lightning speed
  • We can stand without holding on to anything for small periods of time
  • We are starting to communicate our wants/needs
  • We can copy some noises that you make

We saw snow for the first time!
What we're working on: 
  • Making syllable sounds - Emmett just started with the "da-da-da's" but nothing for Oliver yet
  • Playing peekaboo, pat-a-cake and clapping
  • Walking - we're so close!
  • Feeding ourselves table food
  • Using sippy cups
  • Climbing stairs/people/toys
And we graduated to "big boy" pajamas... with feets! 
 Before I know it, I'll have to start planning their FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY already! [insert me hyperventilating here!]

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what the boys are up to this month... see ya next time!!!

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