Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vet Tech Memes: Part 2

Being a veterinary nurse is one of the parts of my life I don't talk much about outside of work. If you're not in the field, you just don't get it. The number of people who don't understand the complexities of the veterinary field and the job requirements for a veterinary technician is just astounding. If I try to explain my job or talk to anyone about what I do at work, sure enough we get onto one of 3 topics. Every. single. time.

1. Puppies and kittens. Sure, I play with puppies and kittens. Maybe 1 out of every 20 appointments of the day? And sometimes those puppies and kittens are sick. Or nasty, mean, aggressive, gross... Then it's not so fun.

2. Euthanasia. Yes, it's part of the job. Yes, it's sad. This is a complex topic all on it's own but it seems there are 2 camps of people. Those who think that it is a humane option and those who adamantly refuse to accept that there could be any reason for it.

3. Any medical question. Sometimes they skip numbers one and two and go straight to "My aunt had a dog..." or "My cat hasn't been to the vet in 9 years, but..."

So it's always great when I come across something veterinary technician or veterinary field related on Pinterest because I'm finally like "SOMEONE ELSE GETS IT!!!"

Here are some of my favorites I've stumbled upon recently:

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