Monday, June 30, 2014

14 Weeks: The Twins' Daily Schedule

Before Emmett and Oliver were born, I read so. many. blogs/articles about daily schedules and what to do with newborns. It felt like I was starting every sentence with "So I was reading this blog..." Some people recommended very strict schedules with no deviation whatsoever or oh.em.gee your newborn will be confused and cry all day! Some recommended a loosely based schedule revolving around baby's feeding schedule. I'm an easy going person. I chose the laid back style schedule and made a few changes to it. I read about an acronym "EASY" that refers to basic scheduling.

E - Eat
A- Activity
S- Sleep
Y- Your time

Sounds easy enough, right? That's what I stick to. As best as possible. Now here is where I deviate. Our day DOES NOT start before 7 a.m. - it just doesn't. That is not something I'm willing to tolerate as I enjoy sleep entirely too much. So sometime 7 a.m. or after, the babies get up and eat. They play in their activity center or activity gym, do some tummy time, have dance time with me, whatever. This goes on until they start to get tired. Learn to recognize signs of tiredness in your baby!

Once I see that they are getting tired, I put them down for naps in their swings. This is usually the longest nap time for the day, about 2 hours. I shower, eat, clean, cook, whatever I need to get done for the day during this nap! It is vital to my well-being that they take this nap. Then the cycle starts all over again, but I make a few changes just for the heck of it. At the next activity time, I put them in a different gym, their Pack'N Play, make them have tummy time facing each other (they are really starting to enjoy their "meeting" times!) anything to bring some variety to the routine. 

Oliver enjoying "tummy time" in his jungle tunnel!

The cycle repeats itself. Again. And again. Activities that the boys can do at 14 weeks include:
  • Sitting in their swings with toys to grip on to/put in their mouths.
  • Playing in their jungle tunnel either on their backs, batting at dangling toys and kicking or on tummy time facing each other and chatting. 
  • Tummy time, propped up on their nursing pillows.( They just started to be able to press buttons on a table toy that I prop up for them and they love that it makes noise!)
  • Going for a walk in their stroller through the neighborhood.
  • Laying on their backs in their Pack'N Play, batting at various dangling toys. 
Emmett practicing "tummy time" propped up by a nursing pillow.
These boys are busy, busy, busy! Activity centers, stimulating toys, listening to Pandora ---Anything to stimulate their little minds without me having to work double time to entertain them constantly!

Essential Items:
  • Wubbanubs - We have the patterned monkey and blue dinosaur
  • Boppy nursing pillow with cute cover
  • Baby Einstein Jungle Safari Tunnel (discontinued) What a bummer.
Wondering what the boys are up to next? Take a look...

Did I mention that it is absolutely mandatory for them to be on the same schedule? I would go crazy if I allowed them to set their own schedules! So at 14 weeks, we have a good thing going and I know it's just going to get better! What daily routine camp do you fall into? Any tips for first time moms?


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