Thursday, August 28, 2014

Introductions & A Semi-Paleo Lifestyle

 I'm sure you've realized by now, but having twins, working part-time, cooking, cleaning and taking care of a house is a full time job. Then I added blogging. I actually spend A LOT more time working on this side-project than I thought I would. I like it. I want to continue with it. I also want to open up my blog to people who have interests other than babies and food (also known as strange people... I know not of what these so-called "other" interests could possibly be!) Those are about my only topics of expertise but from what I understand, there is a whole world beyond babies and food!

Enter Ashlee. Ashlee has been a friend of my for, oh, 7 years? Can't remember. I'm getting old. Her interests are almost completely opposite of everything I enjoy in life, except for food. We both love food. Here is a list of things that Ashlee enjoys that I just... don't.

  • Fashion & Style
  • Make-up
  • Working out & fitness
  • Nature and hiking (this is perhaps my least favorite... umm, ticks?)
  • Pursuing a graduate degree
  • Working in an office setting
  • Not having children... at the moment. 

So, with that introduction given, here is Ashlee's first post on Oh.em.gee it's Nikkie and there will be plenty more to come! Enjoy :-)  

"I have a serious problem with the word 'diet,' and if you know anything about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you probably do too. If you adjust your diet temporarily to lose weight, that weight loss will only be temporary. Another problem with the word 'diet' is that it doesn't necessarily mean healthy, and ultimately your goal should be a maintainable lifestyle so your weight doesn't yo-yo. Numerous studies have found this type of lifestyle extremely detrimental to the body.

So now I come to one of the latest buzz words, 'paleo.' Paleo enthusiasts want it to be a lifestyle choice, but for many of us that is entirely unrealistic. Therefore, if it is a temporary change, it is a diet. Here are the basic paleo principles:

  • No grains, no gluten
  • No unnatural sugars (anything not found in raw foods)
  • Modern vegetable oils such as coconut oil (another fad food)
  • High quality animal fats such as ghee
  • High quality meats
  • Lots of veggies

As you can see, some of these principles are unrealistic for average joes. Who wouldn't want to eat all organic meats? Why wouldn't it be healthy to eat a great deal of vegetables? But there aren't a lot of people who are willing to completely forgo grain and dessert, making this hard to maintain for your average person. Therefore, it is a diet for most—not a lifestyle choice.

I choose to look at these fad diets (those that are founded on decent whole foods eating principles, not those which include potions and lotions) and extract principles that are of value and incorporate them into my lifestyle. A great resource about paleo and the mindset behind it is “Practical Paleo.” I suggest you read it if you're interested in paleo as a lifestyle change. 

I use paleo this way: people who love food but are trying to have a more healthy diet love making recipes that mimic some classic favorites. Pizza, dessert, and all sorts of conventional recipes are adapted for these lifestyles so they're easier to maintain. If I want a healthy, filling dinner that will please my husband and that I will feel good about eating, I Google Paleo+whatever traditional recipe I'm craving. People on whole foods diets find very creative ways to make things such as crusts, desserts, and rice out of raw veggies and fruits making them lower in calories and very, very healthy. The paleo diet is high in animal products, so I don't do paleo recipes more than once or twice a week because as a former vegetarian, I choose not to frequently include a great deal of animal products in my diet. So here's what I made for us on Wednesday night!

Primal Pizza Pie Layer Casserole courtesy of Beauty and the Foodie

This recipe is easy, quick, and fairly inexpensive to make. If you don't want to use items like coconut flour, don't. I didn't! You can still get the benefits of eating a delicious, flavorful meal that incorporates a lot of veggies. Omit cheese for a fully paleo meal. Additionally, this might be a good choice for someone suffering from IBD, Crohn's, or IBS. My husband has Crohn's, and I will do a separate blog entry about creating meals that are compatible for someone who has a bowel disorder. I hope you enjoyed my introductory blog entry. Eat food you love, eat food that is good. Don't diet. Make gradual, sustainable lifetyle changes. Bon apetit!"

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