Friday, July 11, 2014

3 Awesome Wedding Gifts

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My sister is getting married in December (Yay, Jenn!) and I have been contemplating what to get her for a wedding gift for, oh, maybe a year or so. They recently put together their wedding registries and it got me thinking about what I would have put on mine if I were to go through all of that again. (Side note: I never plan on going through the headache of wedding planning again, so you're safe for now Andy!) What are the most useful gadgets in my house? What do I use the most? What would be the.most.awesome. wedding gift to give?

I compiled a list of the 3 things that I use on pretty much a daily basis that I think would make awesome wedding gifts (Spoiler alert: LOOK AWAY NOW, JENNIFER!)  and this is what I came up with:

1. Calphalon Nonstick Cookware Set: I cook A LOT. I use these on a daily basis and I think is is absolutely vital to have good cookware. It lasts a long time and did I mention the NONSTICK part? Vital. The bigger the set, the better too! There is not a part of this set that I don't use on a weekly basis but my favorite piece is the covered skillet because it's so versatile. It's expensive, but people tend to be generous with their wedding gifting!

2. Ninja Food Processor/Blender: I started out with a base model that Andy bought me for Christmas and then later upgraded to this one. This is my second most-used kitchen gadget and you can do pretty much anything with it! Seriously, I have made guacamole, banana ice cream, chopped pretty much everything and even made baby food in this thing! This could replace a regular blender, food processor, smoothie maker, baby food machine, you name it. You could have so.much.extra counter space freed up!

3. Wii U: This one might seem a little silly to register for, and Andy really did try to sneak some stuff like this on our registry, but it is another thing that we use every day. And not just because we REALLY like to play Mario Kart. We don't have cable since we cut back on unnecessary costs several years ago so we use Netflix through the Wii U for all of our television viewing and most of our movie nights. Right now, we're working through Dexter and I'm watching Orange is the New Black on my own.

Register for these items - I highly doubt you will regret it! Do you have anything that you put on your registry that you couldn't live without? Any recommendations for my sister putting hers together? I'd love to hear your input.

So which one will I buy Jenn for her wedding gift? We'll see! 

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