Friday, July 4, 2014

Twin Baby Boy Nursery Tour

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When we were first planning to have a baby, we had a room set aside and I practically had the whole nursery planned out in my head. The day we found out that we were having twins, that had to change. The original room was WAY too small for two babies.We had to reconfigure our whole house!

It was absolutely mandatory to paint a grey and white striped accent wall and paint the rest of the walls grey. Boy or girl. Or 2 boys or 2 girls. I'm a person who knows what she wants! Unless I'm hungry and it is in regard to food. Andy can vouch for me there. Actually, let's not even go there.

So here is a tour of Emmett and Oliver's nursery! We finished it with 8 whole days to spare before they were born... whew!

Want it? Get it.

The lamp is actually one of the few things we purposefully went out and bought. It's from Target and *gasp* it's from the girls section! It matches perfectly though... so don't tell anyone. 

I made the mobiles for above the cribs based off of a picture I found on Pinterest. Here is the DIY tutorial that I created to show you just how easy they were to make. 

I was not convinced we would need a diaper changing station. "Can't you just change a baby on the floor?" my naive self would ask. You can. But do you really want to do that every few hours for a year, times 2? Nope. Nope nope nope nope. The diaper caddy hanging on the wall is really useful to have things nearby.

Products we use: Munchkin Diaper Change Organizer, Minky Changing Pad Cover, Boppy nursing pillows with cute covers

And possibly the most controversial baby item, believe it or not, THE TRASH CAN. There are two schools of thought on this one. People who think you are INSANE if you do not use a Diaper Genie and people who think you are weird if you want a special diaper-holding trash can that you can only use for a few years in your house taking up space. I'll let you guess which side of that argument I'm on.

I tried to do a lot of DIY projects while I was pregnant... because, thrifty. Yup, thrifty! My favorite finishing touches to the boys' nursery are the bookshelves. The bookshelves are actually cheapo (think $4-ish?) spice racks from IKEA that Andy painted and hung. Oh yeah, thanks AGAIN Pinterest for that idea! I was adamant that the boys would have access to books in their room. I mean, how are they supposed to be baby geniuses without books? See how we made them here!

Lastly, we have a screen door. Yup, a screen door instead of a solid wood door. This serves several purposes and was a fantastic idea given to me by a co-worker. We can check on the babies without having to open and close a door. It keeps our cats out when necessary (always necessary, it seems!) without us having to isolate ourselves in or out of a room. And for some reason it gets freaking hot or cold in that room with the door shut. Poor air circulation. Whatever. The screen door is totally awesome!

Hope you enjoyed a quick peek at the nursery. It seemed so empty before we had the babies, but they quickly filled it up with their precious little bodies (all 5 pounds of them!) and ALL OF THE JUNK that comes with babies.

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