Friday, September 12, 2014

12-ish Minutes to a Clean House

I know what you're thinking. "How do you clean a house in 12 (ish) minutes?" This is not for your yearly spring cleaning type cleaning. It's more of a maintenance type cleaning. I only have so much time during a nap to relax so I do most of my cleaning in 15 minutes or less when the boys are awake and enjoying playtime in their Exersaucers or play pen. 15 minutes is about my max before someone starts to have a meltdown. Plus, they're babies. I want to spend time with my babies - not clean my house all day, every day!

So how does the 12-ish minutes to a clean house work? You download Pandora on your phone. Set it to an awesome and motivating station (I have mine shuffling between Rick Springfield, Glee, and Summer Hits of the 90's, if you must know!) and pick 4 rooms in your house. Each room gets one song (usually about 3-4 minutes) and then you're done. 12-16 minutes on average of cleaning and your house looks spiffy!

Today I chose to "clean" the kitchen, laundry/cat room, my and Andy's bathroom and the boys' room. Here's what I can accomplish during my 4 song cleaning spree...

  • Collect all dirty dishes in the sink
  • Wipe down counter tops
  • Swap out dish clothes
  • Pile shoes in a corner
  • Soak bottles in the sink
  • Put away a dishwasher load of clean dishes

Laundry room/cat room:
  • Clean out both litterboxes
  • Sweep floor
  • Clean out and refill water dishes

  • Clean off counter tops/toss stuff in drawers or trash
  • Empty trash can 
  • Pick up clothing off the floor - put away or toss in laundry
  • Restock my shower with fresh goodies

Boys' room:
  • Empty trash can
  • Restock diapers and wipes
  • Toss clothes into drawer or laundry 
  • Pick up ALL THE TOYS
  • Change out bed sheets 

And that's it. Seriously, everybody's got time for this! It's 12-ish minutes - you have no excuse to not do this every day. I can't even come up with an excuse and I've got quite a busy at-home life between taking care of the boys, cooking, blogging, doing continuing education classes, enjoying life as a part-time stay at home mom...

What can you do in a 12 minute mad-dash cleaning session???

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