Monday, September 8, 2014

Life with Twins at 5 1/2 Months

They see us rollin'... they hatin'...

The boys are 5 1/2 months already and they are getting more and more awesome each day. They are so interactive and you can tell they are putting things together in their heads and learning something new each day. They are also hilarious, and as you can probably assume, they got that from their mother. Where we used to have an equal number of bad-pull-my-hair-out-please-let-me-leave-the-house-and-hit-up-Starbucks days as good days, we now have more good than bad. I know what the boys want and need and they have become more patient with me. I think. I've got this caring for two babies at once thing down pat at this point!

They're almost on the move, so they have to be supervised even more closely than before. Andy and I purchased this play yard from to set up in our living room as a baby prison. A brightly colored baby prison. As a mom of two boys, I fully expect to be in the ER for broken bones and sutures at some point in their childhood but we are still baby-proofing to a certain extent. You can only do so much before the kids grow up thinking that they live in a padded room and can do no bodily harm to themselves. We decided to cover the basics - outlet covers, lower cabinet locks, a safe place to play... after all, they are almost mobile now!

Here's a list of things that we have been working on over the past few weeks:

  • Rolling both directions - they've pretty much mastered this one!
  • Scooting around on the floor
  • Sitting up
  • Grasping rattles and toys
  • Eating 2 meals a day
  • Leg muscles! In the Exersaucer, with support from me, etc
  • Holding their own bottles
  • Putting ALL THE THINGS in their mouths
  • Learning Ka-ra-tay (Karate) ... a.k.a rough-housing with my little guys 

Some things that we have moved on from in the last few weeks, because they are adult babies now:
  • Sleeping in their swings all the time - moving on to crib naps
  • Needing to fall asleep with pacifiers in their mouths - that's for babies!
  • 1 meal a day feeding - these guys are hungry and LOVE food (just like their momma!)
  • Meeting Mondays - They now have meetings and hang out together all day, everyday. Lucky me.

I think at this point, twins are no harder than a singleton baby (insert an angry mob of twin mommas smiting me for that comment) because they can play and occupy each other. I don't feel bad leaving them to hang out while I get stuff done around the house. It would be awkward to leave a singleton baby by himself while I do housework. Awkward and lonely for the poor fella. We've cut down on feeding times because during the day I now prop them up and feed them at the same time, since they have great control of those little heads of theirs.

Ahhh... the little things! Having a hand free to do other things during feeding time!

As they get older, I'm realizing how blessed I am to have 2 boys. I love to rough house with these guys and they love that I love to rough house with them.  I feel like you just don't do that with dainty little girl babies. But what do I know? Can't wait to see what the next weeks hold - soon I'll have to consider if we are throwing a 1st birthday party for them or not, holy smokes!

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