Monday, September 1, 2014

Holiday Season! What's on My Babies' Christmas Lists?

It's that time of year again when we have to start putting together Christmas lists and contemplate the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Or if you're like my Grandmother, you need to get started on NEXT year's shopping. Already. I'm not kidding. I'm not even slightly exaggerating.

I decided to put together a "Wish List" on for each of the boys to help make shopping a little easier, hopefully. I'm a person who does not like a lot of clutter, extras, or superfluous items in my house. I definitely don't want holiday-Christmas-toy-clutter time two in my house! I tried to mix a variety of necessities with some fun things, since everyone likes to buy fun things! One awesome thing about the wish lists is that you can add items from any website - think Target, Etsy - anywhere! - and it's all in one place and easy for gift-givers to link to and find the items.

So how did I chose what to put on their lists? Andy and I decided to start a tradition of the 4-Gift Christmas. Maybe 5 - we haven't completely decided but the peanut gallery, Andy, wants to add a 5th category. What is the 4-Gift Christmas? Something you want, something you need - something you'll wear and something you'll read. 4 gifts - 1 from each of the categories. Sounds like it will make Christmas shopping and list-making easier without completely over-doing it! I know you're curious as to what the 5th category would be. Something you eat. Yes, Andy wants there to be food - unhealthy, disgusting food - think beef jerky. We'll see.

What's on my babies' Christmas lists?

1. Diapers and wipes. These are necessities! They are used by babies but appreciated by Mom and Dad. We personally like the fit and price of the Target brand diapers for day-time usage and then the Pampers baby dry nighttime diapers (those things are ah-maz-ing!) Wipes, meh, no brand preference for us!

2. Melissa and Doug wooden toy collections. I have never been a fan of the plastic-y, electronic-y, battery sucking toys that are on the shelves today. When I came across this brand, I fell in love. Instantly. Wooden toys that are durable, stimulating, and grow with your babies? Yes, please! I think I may have added their entire collection to the boys' wish lists. My bad.


3. Wubbanubs. Yup, still obsessed. We currently only have 1 Wubbanub per baby. I cringe on the days that I have to wash them and then let them AIR DRY. We're talking several hours sans-binkie! It takes careful timing and expediting the laundry to successfully pull off a several hour long binkie-heist. So I added additional Wubbanubs to their lists. Problem solved. Or maybe it will be around Christmas-time?

4. Teethers. They will be 9 months old come Christmas which is prime teething season! They have some adorable ones I found in-store at Target and then linked to their Amazon wish lists.

5. Feeding supplies. Grip-able bowls, plastic plates, baby silverware, sippy cups. I found these awesome mesh feeders at Target that are good for baby-led weaning style feeding, which I am all about. By then the boys should be able to have quite a variety of adult foods, not just purees! And of course - bibs! I have figured out over the last few weeks that you literally cannot have.enough.bibs!

What's on the top of your baby's Christmas list? Do you tend to be a more practical person or go toy-crazy???

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